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Goatee: This is basically a mustache that goes down and around the mouth. Your cheeks are still clean shaven, but you leave the spot around your mouth still grown out. This style looks good on some men but just terrible on others. Alot has to do with the shape of your face and jawline -- and then finding a size, the angles, and length and shape of the goatee to compliment it. You really need to have the ability to grow some good sides around the mouth hair to pull this off so that the goatee is full from the mustache on down. Otherwise consider a Van-Dyke look - with mustache and then a separate Chin Beard with optional Soul Patch - neat and clean in-between.
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Courtesty of Wikipedia: A bit of their take on the goatee with some distinctions. Of note, the "Circle Beard" being called a "Moutee":

The Royale or Impériale – a tuft of hair under the lower lip without a goatee, perhaps worn with a moustache, it is not technically a goatee. It is sometimes referred to as a "Soul Patch". Tiered Goatee – a goatee that has variable lengths of hair to create a multi-leveled beard. This is used to create some sort of distinction between different sections of a beard. Circle Beard or Moutee – a goatee and mustache which are connected by hair on each side of the mouth to form a complete circle. Rico – a very fine arrow-pointed goatee. It can also be worn with a soul patch directly under the lower lip. The soul patch does not connect with the goatee. Chin Bush or Chin Shrub - similar to the goatee, but kept to a cleaner cut Vandyke - mustache and goatee, not necessarily connected.
Types Of Goatees

Goatee Styling Tips

Depending on your freehand skills, shaping a Goatee with perfect symetry can be challenging. Some use the Goatee Saver grooming appliance to help establish a clean line in the facial hair and insure your final goatee isn't lopsided. I've also found that using an 11 ounce COFFEE CAN (yes!) clamped over your bristly muzzle can help you establish a full rounded goatee by providing a template to trim around - after you've cut your goatee to length first.

It always helps to have a friend help out in the final stages of finishing a goat's edges prior and after shaving. They can really help get your whiskers "Just-So" for a goatee styling session that holds up well and looks good in the days or weeks ahead.

Lastly, find a good style of sideburns to compliment your face structure and give you the signature look you're going for. For some this may men no sideburns at all, cut high toward the temples. But for more fashionable facial hair styling, longer and fuller sideburns to a large Mutton-Chop may be more to your tastes. Again, a, even, precision edge to each sideburn can really enhance and set off the look of a man's goatee.