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For guys who like a wooly-bully full beard style - You'll often find most dedicated commercial beard and mustache trimmer sets just don't have the longer clipper-guides or long beard length setting you prefer. Most personal beard trimmers tend to lean towards a maximum 1/2" using clipper guides or the trimmer may have built-in adjustable length settings for a rather neat, bristly, clean cut 'Corporate' beard look.

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Full bearded men should look more towards standard home hair clipper sets. Ideally look for clippers with guides all the way up to 1" or a #8. Clippers that feature an adustment lever can extend that another 1/8" if need be. For beard detailing, you ideally want to own a separate fine-toothed T-Finisher or Edger detailing clipper for precision edging and shaping.

Guys with very DENSE, THICK BEARDS may find some of the rechargable, light-weight battery operated beard trimmers JUST DON'T CUT IT. Or may find the light-weight blades get dull in a few months from hacking through a thick thicket of facial hair. Beard trimmers that are corded with AC-powered motors and optionally replaceable clipper blades might be a better choice for really coarse and heavy beards. Whal and Oster in particular often offer a variety of replacement clipper blades in a range of coarse to fine toothed models best suited to varying hair types.

Pictures of Men's Beard Styles, Shapes and Types

Shapes Styles & Types of Men's Beards

The above illustrations of different types of men's beards can be good inspiration to help with shaping and styling your beard, goatee, sideburns or mustache.


These beard trimmers will help you to shape and maintain your beard in just the right proportion. Most of the hair trimmers on the market today come with various attachments and beard length guides that are suitable for different types of facial hair. This helps to make sure that your beard is cut right at the right length on all sides. These will allow you to experiment with how much facial hair will look good for you.

Many of these beard trimming tools are able to achieve a very close trim all the way down to a stubble on your face. This is very helpful for those that like to style their beards and mustaches close. Since each person's facial structure is unique you will need to test the different blades and length attachments to see what will work best for your beard. Some types of beard styles may work for some people, but might not look good for others. You can do progressively different styles and trims to see what will look good on you.