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Guys With Really Hairy Butts : Rump Hair Grooming Tips

Guy With Really Hairy Butt
Maybe it was a guy you noticed in the locker-room at the gym: You know, the one with the gorilla hairy butt that you couldn't help but stare at. Maybe it was some guy you dated who had ass hair so thick you could literally pick him up by the fur on his bottom. Or maybe its YOU! - And you were simply born with extremely furry buttocks.

Let's be candid, but delicate. Some guys are just hairy as as all get out down there and frankly, keeping good hygiene with a butt-crack full of hair can be challenging. While most very hirsuit males are proud of their hairy rumps and bodies, sometimes excess hair in certain places is problematic. Unless you're an adult film star who manscapes from head to toe for cinematic purposes, few men ever need or want to shave the hair completely off their buttocks. But they often want to trim and shorten their crack hair and around their rectum to make wiping easier and more efficient.

Trying to manscape your butt and trim the hair in your ass-crack is hard. Believe me I've tried. The only way that seems to work is by lying on the floor with your legs drawn-up and trying to use a hair clipper with, say, a 1/2" guide comb to make a pass on each side of your crack. One can often end up with very long hairs under their ball sac too in the perineal area that can benefit from being trimmed down. But it's hard and physically awkward to do when even with a mirror it's hard to see exactly what you're doing. At best you make a 'rough cut' to try to shorten what you can.

You might feel embarrassed to ask for help, even from an intimate partner. But remember, good rectal hygiene is something to be proud of, and not something to be embarrassed about. If you want embarrassment, think of the skid-marks someone might notice on your tighty-whites because your extremely hairy ass crack is hard to keep clean.

Man-up and ask for help. A nonjudgmental friend can be enlisted to help. And make sure you have the right grooming tools. A mens beard and body hair trimming kit should have an adjustable guide comb to shave the butt crack close without cutting so short to leave an itchy stubble. And complete shaving with even a multi-blade safety razor is best left in the hands of professional manscapers.

Tips For Manscaping Your Balls : Scrotum Trimming vs Shaving

Depending on your point of view, some men are blessed, or cursed with really hairy balls. As you can see to your left, my bear-hairy husband not only has extremely hairy balls, but big ones too! And much as I love chewing on them, if he doesn't trim them somewhat - occasionally - Well, let's just say it's not my preferred method of flossing my teeth.

Shaving or trimming crotch hair below the belt isn't something most guys TALK about - but more men than ever DO to suit their own personal grooming style or to please a sex partner. Fortunately, there's a growing range of men's grooming gear specifically designed for dry trimming, wet shaving, and male body hair removal.

Manscaping Down There : Scrotum Hair

Furry And Really Hairy Balls

Some men like their ball sac hairy and prefer to keep it that way to provide protection from chafing, to absorb sweat, and provide something soft, fragrant and furry for sex partners to cradle gently in their hands. Just keeping your balls really hairy but one-step short of gnarly and ratty is a good compromise. For maintaining a trimmed but bushy bush and balls, this AC wall-powered Pea-NUT trimmer may be all you need to hack through the thickest of thickets:

Wahl Peanut Compact Trimmer

4 Guide Combs 1/8" to 1/2"

Scrotum hairs can grow surprisingly long and nearly every gentleman needs to manscape down there at least once in a blue moon. For basic trimming and neatening-up, a standard home hair clipper / barber kit with a range of snap-on trim guides is all you may need. Most mens beard trimmers or personal grooming sets include adjustable-length trimming guides to set the degree of closeness or distance you prefer.

Short And Stubble Balls

Short and stubbly scrotum hair may suit others. By using a home barber set or personal grooming kit with adjustable guide you can set it to a preferred short length to eliminate ratty, stray, long hairs in the scrotal areas where you prefer it neat. This Norelco all-in-one beard, body, ball and personal trimmer may be all you need for dry maintenance:

Top-Seller: Norelco 5100 Grooming Kit

Multiple Attachment Heads and Combs

Stubble lengths may leave your scrotum itchy for a day or two after you've manscaped, but you'll completely avoid the prospect of ingrown hairs and infected hair follicles that can occur when razor shaving your ball sac or penile shaft completely smooth.

Smooth Shaved Balls

Completely manscaped, shaved balls take the scrotal hair right down to your sac's surface. If you prefer manscaping down there to a completely smooth state and your nuts are extremely hairy, you might want to use a trimmer first to take the hair down to 1/4" or less first - before you start the ball shaving process. For completely smooth ballscaping needs we recommend the top-selling powered manscaper trim and shaving system:

Braun Body Cruzer 6 : Trimmer + Shaver

Uses Replaceable Gillette Fusion Blades

If you dry trim first, you'll experience less clogging of the blades, less need to rinse the razor between strokes and end up with smooth, hairless ball sac in far less time. Trim first, shave second. The razor itself should be MULTI-BLADE at least 2 or ideally 3-5 blades on the shaving head for the best results. For the shaving sequence itself, we recommend a shaving GEL. Ideally use a gel explicitly for sensitive skin or aloe for extra slipperiness and lubrication - not cheap foam like Barbasol or Dollar Store foams.

5 Great Grooming Gifts For Guys

Hairy Man Shaving Men
As fall sets in and we transition into winter here in North America, men are far more likely to let their beards grow out than in summertime. Coupled with the holiday shopping season, it's also a time when shopping for men's grooming gifts is also on the rise. You don't have to wait till Father's day: It's okay to give a furry guy a grooming set as a gift all year round.

1. Traditional Men's Shaver

Perhaps the most classic male grooming gift a tradition mens razor is a popular and thoughtful gift to give. Especially when you consider a high-quality really well made men's foil or rotary razor often costs in the $50-$99 range, a guy might really appreciate your generosity. Even if he already owns a quality shaver, if you know the brand and model - gifting a replacement foil head or new set of blades will keep it's cutting head cutting clean and be highly appreciated.

Our Top Pick: Philips Norelco Aquatec Electric Razor

2. All Purpose Hair Clipper Set

Full-Bearded men in particular are great candidates for gifting a conventional professional or home hair clipper set. Particularly one with a full set of #1-#8 clip-on trimming guides. Really hairy men tend to also be bald men (it's a Testosterone thing…) Balding men are also far more likely to trim their own hair and not pay a barber to deal with the little that's left. Many prefer to simply keep it short or stubbly, or completely shave their noodle. The best gift to give is a very complete hair clipping set with a dozen or even twenty pieces and optionally a second, fine-toothed battery powered detail trimmer in addition to the AC powered hair clipper itself.

Our Top Pick: Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro Complete Haircutting Kit

3. Personal Male Body Groomer

Giving a men's personal body groomer as a gift requires foresight and careful thought. Is the guy a known manscaper? Are there indications that he already has crossed the neck-line and really does trim 'Down There' or other areas of body hair? Is he a professional model or bodybuilder? Or is he a generally hairless guy with a few odd patches of body hair where being clean shaven makes more sense and would simply look better? For these types a gift of the best mens body groomer is a great choice with both trimming and foil or razor shaving tools combined.

Our Top Pick: Philips Norelco BodyGroom Pro

4. Dedicated Beard and Personal Trimmer Set

A multi-headed personal trimmer and beard grooming set is a great gift for ANY guy and an essential compliment to their daily or weekly electric razor use. With several interchangeable whisker trimming attachment heads, they're great for detailing a beard, mustache, sideburns or goatee, and personal trimming of ear and nose hair as well.

Our Top Pick: Remington Head To Toe Grooming Kit

5. Men's Travel Grooming Kit

Men's grooming needs go beyond just hacking and shaving the furry and hairy parts. Male nail grooming is also an important part of a guy's routine maintenance. And guys generally love tools of any sort, even if they're for paws and claws. There's some really nice grooming sets with a complete range of toe and fingernail clippers, cuticle pushers and removers, files and nail buffers to put the man in manicure and pedicure needs. For gifting it's wise to go high-end and try to find better-quality sets with precision ground and honed clippers and accessories that aren't just cheap junk from China. Better quality nail groomers can stay sharp and last for years.

Our Top Pick: 11 Piece Men's Travel Manicure/Shave Set With Leather Case

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My Balls Smell : Scrotum And Ball Sweat Powder For Men

A friend confessed to me the other day: “I have sweaty balls. Sometimes my balls smell.”
“Go on,” I urged him, “Tell me about your ball sweat.”
“Stinky balls, stinky nuts - Whatever you call ‘em, my nuts stink, my scrotum smells.”
I asked him, rather clinically: “Have you tried scrotum powder?”
“They make ball powder for sweaty, stinky scrotum smells? Really?” he asked.
“Yes, they do,” I replied. “Mens ball powders can stop ball sweat and odor - and keep you feeling dry and comfortable all day long.”

Just then my iPhone rang and I had to cut the conversation with him short. But had we been able to continue this conversation that any tea-bagging teabagger would love, I would have delved much much deeper into the causes of scrotum sweat and the treatments for stinky balls and nuts that concern so many men. To keep it simple, I recommended four powders for men’s sweaty, smelly, and often itchy ball sacs:

Best Ball Sweat Powders For Men

1. Fresh Balls

2. Balla Powder Talc For Men

3. Matte For Men Man Powder

4. Gold Bond Medicated Powder

For the rest of you: Scrotum sweat and the resulting balls smell is a rather normal human function. Sweating is healthy and particularly so for straight men and their scrotums. Keeping your balls at a proper temperature is critical for healthy sperm development and motility. The pheromones and odors the genitals produce are arguably important aspects of sexual attraction and arousal, and so do have an important purpose in mating behaviors.

That said, much of the discomfort of itchy balls that a sweaty scrotum and groin area can produce can be attributed to various bacteria, yeasts and funguses that love the damp environment hot, sweaty men’s crotches provide. Some of the above medicated products can help with pathogen control - and provide soothing talc to keep your junk drier.

If persistent itchiness or rash around your balls and thighs is a problem, (and really men can be such lazy, crude BEASTS at times) solve your smelly balls problem with three things: Really scrub and wash your crotch area thoroughly with a good disinfectant soap. Thoroughly dry your groin and ‘nads with as much unhurried care as possible. If Jock-Itch, Ringworm or other rash is present, religiously apply an Alzole-based LIQUID SPRAY ANTIFUNGAL that contains Clotrimazole, Miconazole or Terbinafine day after day to stop it dead in it’s tracks. Then apply one of the recommended ball powders above for routine maintenance.

5 Best Mens Body Hair Grooming Razors and Trimmers

Furry men have spoken loud and clear about the grooming and manscaping gear they buy. The website stats here at Bear Hairy Men dot com reveals some interesting trends. Beyond shaving their faces and taking a hair clipper to their noodles -- Body groomers top the best-selling hair removal list for mens manscaping of hair 'down there':

Manscaped Hairy Chest
#1. Philips Norelco BG2040 Professional BodyGrooming System

#2. MANGROOMER Private Body Shaver

#3. Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

#4. Braun bodyCruzer Men's Body Groomer

#5. Wahl Advanced Goatee Beard and Mustache trimmer

Bear Hairy Mens Grooming Needs : Above And Below The Belt

Men With Hairy Belly FurAn ever growing range of specialized men's body and beard grooming tools are on the market for precision facial hair and body fur management from head to toe. Long-gone are the clean cut, clean shaven days of the post WW II war era. Men are free - both professionally and casually - to explore different facial hair styles.

In particular, long sideburns and full goatees are trending right now. Precision goatee, mustache and beard styles are now possible with complete cordless beard trimmer sets which include a wide variety of trimming attachments. Many of these include specialized attachment heads for nose and ear hair trimming as well.

Many men will find that a traditional home hair clipper barber set may be all they need. They're especially useful with fuller and longer beards and precise, full goatee shapes. This just-the-basics approach should be done with a high-quality clipper set, and ideally, once that includes a FULL set of attachment combs ranging from a #1 to #8 that allows trimming from 1/8" to a full inch. Hair clippers with an adjustable side lever will give you even more precise hair length options in-between. A set which includes a fine-toothed T-Finisher trimmer will help with detailing.

Even the category of mens grooming accessories has expanded as Manscaping and Body Grooming tools are available to trim back and body hair below the neckline for a neat appearance of body hair anywhere. Often combining both a trimmer and a razor, the best body groomer accessories trim the hair down to a short stubble first, then allow the razor portion of the body grooming tool to shave down close. Men now have all the tools necessary for full body grooming, head, and facial hair management.

Our notion of 'hair clippers' has changed dramatically as manufacturers of mens grooming kits - and a guys grooming needs - evolve. The 'Miami-Vice' style of a short, stubbly three-day beard is popular again, so a whole new genre of stubble-trimmers are designed for just that. A stubble trimmer is also great as the first stage of full-body shaving. With 99% of the hair bulk removed by a stubble trimmer, wet body shaving of the rest with the best body groomer - razor combo is far easier.

Bald heads are just a genetic fact of life for many men. So for guys who have a predisposition for baldness, some very unique grooming accessories have appeared on the market. There are Balding Clippers with ultra-close clipper blade designs that you won't find in a traditional hair clipper. And balding razors specifically designed to avoid nicks and cuts to the scalp while providing an ultra-close, completely smooth noodle shave - safely.

Remington Precision Hair Clipper Set - At A Bargain Price

Lucky day for me at the little old Lutheran church-ladies second-hand store. Cuz I found a great $2 deal on a used:
Bargain Priced Quality Hair Clipper SetRemington HC-8017B Precision 22 Piece Corded Haircut Kit.

Ok, well considering it was second-hand, there was only about 10 pieces of the 22-piece clipper set. But it had a half-dozen clipper guides from #1(1/8") to #6 (3/4") which I needed for Manscaping, Scalp and Beard trimming, was in 'like new' shape with clean, sharp, only-used-a-coupla-times blades. And when I hopped on Amazon to find what the complete set cost - I was surprised to find the Remington set sells new for under $15!

A better surprise: This Remington clipper is GOOD. 1. The adjustment lever STAYS PUT - which unfortunately other hair clippers don't and change length at the worst moments. 2. The hair-cutting guides are VERY well designed, they slide onto the entire blade head and hold VERY securely. 3. The clipper operates at a deep, vibrating rumble, not the clacky whine of some clippers. What it lacks at this price range is an Adjustment Screw - which some clippers desperately need to run quitely and for the blades to be set to oscillate optimally. Still, the Remington purrs perfectly without one.

Overall, a well desgined Manscaper tool - that cuts beautifully - at HALF THE COST of most other comparable clipper sets. AND it comes with a nice storage box with latching lid. One of the best men's grooming deals ever - you read it here first at

P.S. Wanna go UPSCALE in your grooming and Manscaper toolkit? At the high-end there's the Remington HKVAC-2000 Precision Vacuum Haircut Kit with a built-in vacuum to, well, at least minimize some or most of the stray hair clippings while you're doing your dirty work.

Full-Body Manscaping Tools : Mens Grooming Kits

Think beyond the hair, Bear. Completely grooming a man proves the devil is in the details - from head to toenails to finger-tips. Make an investment in yourself - or as a gift for an unkempt friend with a leather-bound top quality mens grooming kit.

11 Piece Men's Travel Manicure/Shave Set

w/ Gillette Mach3 Razor and Cartidges

Look for a mens groomer kit that includes a quality, well designed case. For example, check out some of this great groomer sets and gear by TweezerMan Tools. Ideally buy men's grooming kits that have 10 or more pieces so that you really have a full arsenal for clipping, nipping, trimming combing, shaving, cleaning and filing every last detail. You may want to add select tools to the set such as a very useful Tweezer-Man No-Slip Grip Skin Care Tool

Mens Stainless Steel Pore Cleaner

Treat your Manscaper gear like the tools in any other toolbox a guy would own. Keep the manicure, pedicure and other stainless steel tools clean and dry , oil them occassionally, and put them back in ther place when finished - and they'll serve you well for years to come.

Anti-Manscaping BACKLASH! Bear=Hot : Bare=Not

Well the top newspapers and online editions are all over it this month: ANTI-MANSCAPING. Why? Because after several years of yapping about the hip, neo-trendy, metrosexual-esqe pubic, er.. PUBLIC outing of Manscapers hiding in their (trimmed) bushes in the bathroom.. In order to generate a Point/Counter-Point -- and have fresh articles for their Health and Style sections -- the pendulum simply HAD to swing the other way.

So now NON-SCAPING, DE-SCAPING, UN-SCAPING is hitting the news and blogs in Knee-Jerk fashion. The Fur Fashonistas have now declared (imagine that!) Men's Body Hair is hot, it's In-Style, it's Hip, It's the NEW NOW for Winter 2009/2010.

Jesus what's next? Is the Fall fashion lineup 'DARE TO BEAR!' the next thing? Open shirts, plunging necklines, Neo-minimalist Stringer Athletic Tee's the trend to watch for? Uncurling, unfurling waves of chest-hair swaying like fields of wheat in the breeze is on tap for 2010. In the meantime, set that clipper guide back a notch. More is the New Less... well, if you read the internet pablum spewed out daily for public consumption.

How To Manscape - Or, More Importanly - Why

Think you're too good for Manscaping? Think you don't need to Manscape? Reluctant to become a Manscaper? WATCH. AND LEARN:

Goatee Groomer Gear - Manscape Your Muzzle With The GoateeSaver

Goatee Saver beard trimming guide
Goatee's are IN like never before. Here's the GOATEE-SAVER - an adjustable goat and trimmer guide that keeps you from screwing up your fuzzle-muzzle uneccessarily! Roller-bars set the width, then clamp it on your snoot, bite down to hold in place - then shave away... Now why didn't I think of that? For years I used to use a COFFEE-MUG clamped over my muzzle with one hand - to outline the shape of my goatee with a T-Finisher with the other. Now the Goatee Shaver lets your jaw do the work, leaving both hands free to do the detailing.

Perfect Goatee Shape

Adjustable Width Whisker Whacking

Quality Hair Trimmer and Clipper Replacement Blades

So many things are made these days to be disposable: And that's fine for disposable plastic razors and cartridges, or some of the cheaper rechargable and battery powered mens hair trimmers. They have their place in a mans hair-grooming arsenal. For those of us who've learned the value of buying quality in the first place - and caring for our tools - know the value of buying Pro grade clippers that barbers and salons do. In particular Oster and Wahl trimmers can last a decade or more with proper care - and replacement blades are readily available to get them cutting 'like new' again for a fraction of the cost.

In general these companies have stayed true to their blade designs and manufacturing - without needlessly changing them every year. So it's easy to find replacement hair clipper blades or as important - replacement hair trimmer guides - today - for that trimmer you bought years ago.

FYI: If you own or buy one of Wahls clippers - you may find their Wahl METAL CLIP attachment comb sets to be vastily superior to the standard plastic guides. The spring metal side clips are far more snug to eliminate the guide popping off from excessive pressure or normal wear and tear that cheap plastic combs are prone to.

Back Hair Manscaping : Get Professional Help

If you've got it, flaunt it. Because back hair coverage can be so extensive - shaving it ALL can be a daunting task and a big, time consuming project. If that much back hair is that much of an issue, you're the kind of bear hairy guy where it's likely to grow back just as thick and quite rapidly anyways.

There are special back hair razors for Do-It-Yourself kind of guys, such as the MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver. It requires time, patience, a good full-size mirror, adequate lighting, and a steady hand.

Manscape Down There : Shaved Pubic Areas

Trimming the pubic hair properly begins with a good brushing or combing. Brush up first - then out towards your shaft to extend the hair fully. Using the edge of a top-quality Oster T-Finisher, or a Wahl T-Trimmercan help to set an edge and curve above the shaft. It's up to you if you feel the need to 'add an inch' and set the hair edge close to the root - or merely want to trim and shape the bush overall. Then, brush up and back towards your navel, exposing the shaft and root to move in for the few stragglers.

Manscaping Really Hairy Ass...ets: Trimming Your Hole

Keeping your hoo-ho clean is a daunting task for hairy bottomed men. Even just routine wiping can be problematic in proportion to the furriness of your butt. Again, trimming your crack-fur shorter using a clipper with a guide set close is the right way to START the process - even if you do plan on a totally smooth shaving sequence to follow as a second step.

Manscaper Sideburn And Beard Trimmers For Men

Short or Long: Sideburns can look REALLY HOT doncha think? With precision tips, straight sharp edges. There's a large selection of beard and mustache trimmers to choose from. Dial adjustable length settings can be a real advantage over swapping multiple clipper guides.

Manscaped Furry Chest Hair : Wooly, Bristly or Bare?

Chest hair's often best left-as is. Unless you're a competitive body-builder and need to shave and trim for competition. But some men, especially as we age - are prone to ridiculously long chest hairs. The kind of hair that gets snagged in shirt collars - on when buttoning buttons. Some men like to groom thier chest hairs - well just slightly shorter - to preserve one of their best assets. For these, a full-size home hair clipper set with plenty of guides from #1 to #8 will give you the control and length you want.

Manscape Bristle-Balls : Hairy Crotch Sacscaping Tips

Want some tips on how to manscape your balls? For some men, shaving the scrotum completely isn't needed or desired. Others prefer shaving their scrotum completely smooth with shaving cream and razors. There's something to be said for having a silky smooth nut sac. But nicks, razor burn, the inevitable stubble and itching in the days that follow can be a deterrent.

Those new to manscaping their balls may wish to go easy the first time around. With traditional home hair clipper sets - using a short #1 or #2 clipper guide will remove the vast majority of the scrotal hair safely - without unnecessary prickly or itchy after effects. Work around the scrotum from all directions to insure an even cut.

Many men's beard and personal trimmer sets are also useful for manscaping your ballsac. I currently use a Norelco 5100 Grooming Kit With their adjustable guide combs you can set any preferred length for your scrotal pubic hair and have at it.

Dedicated monospacing tools that both trim AND shave like the Braun Body Cruzer 6 : Trimmer + ShaverUses Replaceable Gillette Fusion Blades is the right buying choice for men who want to sacscape down to a completely smooth ball bag.

You may find trimming or shaving your balls difficult if your scrotum is loose and baggy - as is common in warm weather or environs. If your scrotum isn't naturally tight, you can shrink your ball sac for manscaping needs by holding a washcloth soaked in cool water, or applying ice cubes to your wrinkly, hairy nut bag for a few minutes. That'll help shrink and tighten them up before you being your ball shaving or trimming process.

Manscape! Men's Hair Clippers: Bristly or Balding?

Perhaps you have so little hair left on your noodle it just doesn't make sense to pay a barber for a haircut. Do-It-Yourselfer Men OUGHT to have a good, basic set of hair-clippers with an assortment of cutting guides to keep things JUST-SO.

New in the hair clipper market to meet rising demand are Mens Scalp Balding Clippers with finer toothed blades set bald head close. Buy up and avoid cheap balding clippers, top quality companies such as Oster precision machine and polish their cutting blades for a comfortable scalping. Too many cheap import clippers are just sloppy in their metal machining and fabrication.

Bear Hairy Gorilla Guys Need Manscaping Tools

My coach in high-school was a BEAR HAIRY MONSTER. Thick thick fur crawling out his shirt collar, down his legs and arms. Gorilla hairy knuckles. God, I adored him! The kids used to tease him about all his body hair. Others saw it as a signal of an Alpha Male and something to be respected.