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Male Manscapng Gear

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Alot - or a little - we all have fuzzy parts that need to be groomed and dealt with. This Urban Dictionary Definition Of Manscaping perhaps says it best: "A fine artform exclusive to men; the continued upkeep of exceptional hygeine and strategic hair removal as they pertain to the male body." Well there you have it, Manscaper! But any art-form deserves a rich palette of tools (and skills) in which to exercise one's bear hairy Manscaping art. We all occasionally need to whack our whiskers, clean-up, and remove excessive and unwanted body hair and fuzzies up and down there. So without further ado:

Best Manscaping Tools For Men

Deraugatory terms such as 'Skruffy' 'Unkempt' 'Wild-Man' 'Gorilla-Back' 'Bristle-Puss' and 'Fuzz Face' come to mind at times about the bearded, goateed, furry, mustached, wooly, fuzz-butted men we love. Above - or below the belt - take-control of your situation armed with power-tools for the Manscaping war.
Cordless ManscapingMens Body Hair TrimmerDesigned For Manscapes!
Man Groomer Pro

Foil Razor + Trimmer
Braun BodyCruzr

Power Trimmer +
Gilette Fusion Blade
Full-Body Trimmer-Razor

Norelco Trim & Shave

See The Braun BodyCruzr In Action:

Head To Toe Men's Grooming

There's nothing sexier than a well-trimmed Beard, An Untangled Hole, A Well-Pruned Bush. For heavy jobs, start with quality hair clippers, micro trimmers and guide sets for maximum Manscape styling and versatility. For detailing and finishing, move on to razor accessories. Review, compare and and buy these recommended shaving gear essentials from Men's grooming brands you trust: Oster, Remington, Wahl, Andis, Gillette, Conair & LaCrosse.

Professional Hair HackingComplete Home ClippersCompact Travel Trimmer
Oster #1 Pro Gear

Classic Clipper & T-Finisher
Oster Barber Tools
Wahl 27 Piece Set

Best Selling Kit!
Chrome Wahl Haircutter
Peanut Mini-Clipper

Palm-Size Grooming
Walh Hair Cutting Set

Old-School Style Shaving Kits

Stand highly erect sink-side at the mirror and have at it. For advanced manscapers who dare to bare-blade using traditional shaving sets. Feel the lather brush lapping up and down with warm, sudsy intent... Feel the Barber's leather strop honing you to precision...

Real Man Sink SetShave Like Daddy DidMaster & Slave Scenes
Soap Dish Shavers

Gillette Mach3 Razor
Badger Bristle Brush
razor & brush stand
Double-Edge Retro Classic

Old School Dad Style
Starter Razor Set
Twin-Blade Razor
Straight-Edge Seriousness

Straight or Gay
Dominatrix or Daddy
Ultimate Hair Control
leather strop, single-blade razor

Men's Nose, Ear And Eyebrow Trimmers

The Devil is in the details. Beyond beards, mustaches and sideburns - these fine grooming tools for pubic hair and beyond help the Pro Manscaper round out a formidable tool-kit for your Manly-Men hair grooming arsenal.

Micro-Trimmer For MenNose + Ears HackerStyling Scissors
Equisite Detailing Tool

Lighted Micro Touch
trim pubic hairs
Groom-Mate Platinum

Nose & Ear Styling
precision metal trimmer
Lifetime Precision Quality

LaCross Safety Scissor
round-tip grooming scissor

Owning a good selection of manscaping tools is key to total body grooming. For some, a basic home hair clipper set or beard trimmer may be all they need to manscape with. Other's may prefer dedicated, specially designed bodygroomer's for a mans body hair front and back, from head to toe. Additional mens grooming accessories for hand, foot and nail care can complete the set to a complete body groomer asenal.